2018 Summer Schedules
FSA Laws of the Game
FSA Board Members

Trisha Bower

Vice President:
Sharelle Troutman

Mary Buchannon

Tournament Coordinator:
Ashley Munro

Coed League Coordinator:
Tina Buxbaum

Youth/Ref Coordinator:
Samantha McMorrow

Communications Coordinator:
Kendra Calhoun

Sponsorship Coordinator:
Hillary Weller

2017 Sponsors
Adult Soccer Summer Offered At FYSA

Fairbanks Adult Soccer Players

Adult Soccer Has Been Transitioned to FYSA.

FYSA has a full-time individual dedicated to ensuring that soccer works effeciently and is enjoyable for all players. They recently amended their bylaws so they can offer adult soccer programs. This could be the solution to maintaining sustainable adult soccer in Fairbanks.

FSA is an all volunteer organization, and the majority of the Board has served for almost a decade. We tried to recruit new Board Members and were not successful. Most of our players are busy with families and our careers and finding time to volunteer is challenging for everyone.

When FYSA offered to pilot an adult program under their organization, it seemed like the best solution to make adult soccer in Fairbanks sustainable and consistent. We are very hopeful it will work out this summer, but it won't happen without you.

Please register to play at: https://www.fysasoccer.org/Default.aspx?tabid=993672

Do You Want To Have Your Game Schedule On Your Phone?

For Apple devices go here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yapp/id482926558?mt=8#

For all other devices do this: Install Yapp from your App Store. Then select the little plus sign in the Yapp App to add an App to it. Use the code FSA907.

Schedules for indoor will be added when they are created.

You will get updates on delayed games in your division, and other issues as it happens.

You can also access the contact information for the FSA Board if needed.

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