Player Spotlight
Posted Oct 24, 2017

Brittany Jackson is not our typical player but she’s definitely not alone in the fact that she plays in multiple divisions throughout the week. Many of our players are in multiple divisions, taking advantage of the multiple division discount offered by FSA, but what makes her unique is that she currently plays in three divisions: Women’s, CoEd Comp, and Men’s. She reports that the more she plays, the more she enjoys it. “I love soccer and the people who play!” says Britt.

When asked what first brought her to play with FSA, Britt responded, “My boss! Our company, Bettisworth North, sponsored a Women’s team and she recruited me to play before I even moved to Fairbanks for the job.” When not playing soccer three nights a week with FSA, Britt keeps pretty busy with her work as an architect and a long list of other sports including basketball, bouldering at the new climbing gym, road biking, mountain biking, all types of skiing, running, and she is currently learning how to ice skate and play pond hockey. She does have some non-sports hobbies as well, such as reading, drawing, writing, and eating food her husband cooks.

Britt was asked what she likes best about FSA. She answered, “the best part of FSA is spending time with such great people, all doing something we love.” This is especially important for her during the long, dark winter months we have here in Fairbanks. Britt said it was important to her to be involved in things and not become a winter time hermit! She was then asked if she could change anything about FSA what would that be, and she responded that location of play would be her area of change. The gyms we play in are small and that does impact play about 9 months out of the year. That doesn’t keep her at home though.

“I love learning new things and honing my skills at the old,” says Britt. Teammate, Samantha McMorrow, confirms that Britt shows a love of the game and a real joy in coming out. “Sometimes she will come straight from playing a basketball game, and then play a full 90 minutes with us. She always has a smile and keeps super positive, even if we are losing.” It would be easy for Britt to dominate a Women’s game if she wanted to, but that’s not how she plays, she brings the whole team up with her. Britt’s skill as a player is not the only thing that makes people want to play with her, it’s also her attitude and style.

Posted Jun 13, 2018

Jose Rodriguez has played in FSA leagues for about 6 years. He has travelled to State four times, and plays in both Men’s and Co-Ed divisions within FSA. He is also a certified referee and often refs for the association for all divisions (men’s, coed, women’s). Jose enjoys not only the competitiveness of playing in FSA but also the social aspect. Some of his closest friends and many of his family play this beautiful game with him. Currently, Jose’s wife, two daughters, and two nephews play, but there have been times when the family count was much higher on the field. Even his little daughter accompanies him to the games. It truly is a way of life for Jose and his family. Off the field, Jose enjoys spending time with his family and dancing at Latin night with family and friends. When asked what makes Jose so great to play with, fellow soccer player Jason Case said, “he’s funny, always smiling, just a great guy.” Kendra Calhoun added, “Jose always stops and talks to everyone, and makes an effort to let you know that he’s glad to see you.” Of course, no one could deny that Jose’s humor and charm make playing with or against him a good time.