State Soccer Tournament

Please note that the State Tournament is in Fairbanks this year!
If you are interested in playing for Fairbanks this summer please contact us.

Go Fairbanks!



The Fairbanks Soccer Associationis a small non-profit that serves the North Star Borough area. We help to provide a structured and fun atmosphere to play indoor and outdoor soccer for adults of all ages and skill levels. This wouldn't be possible without the help of volunteers. The most common areas that we need volunteers are listed below, but if you would like to help in another way please fill out the volunteer form by clicking on the "Volunteer Now" button at the bottom of this page.


We need your help!

The league doesn't happen without volunteers. If everyone does a little bit, it's really easy and fun. Here are a few of the many, many jobs that we need to do - please help us out!

  • Get the word out! (Everyone can do this one). Just print off this flyer and hang it up all over town!
  • Find sponsors
  • Order jerseys
  • Help run practices (drill ideas or general direction for keeping everyone going)
  • Help make up teams
  • Help organize end of season picnic
  • Help organize clinics/camps
  • Referee some games. Please contact us for more info! You don't need to be certified, but it's preferred - we'll even pay for your class if you complete a summer with us. $35 a game - tell your friends!
  • If you're an accountant, we could use help with our taxes
  • Anything else??

Please email Trish at if you can assist in ANY way. Thanks in advance!

Listed below are the types of volunteers that are always in demand.  

General Volunteers:

These are volunteers who help with all aspects of managing the league. These volunteers are integral to the Fairbanks Soccer Associaiton in that they provide the flexibility and ingenuity to keep our league running smoothly regardless of the challenges that they face. If you are creative and don't mind finding new solutions to unanticipated problems or helping make an FSA sponsored event a success, we want to hear from you!

Equipment Volunteers:

These are volunteers who routinely assist FSA with the transportation of the indoor soccer goals at the beginning and end of the indoor soccer season. They also occasionally assist us with transporting equipment to FSA sponsored events like skills clinics, etc.

Sponsorship Volunteers:

These voluteers assist FSA with finding sponsors for the soccer league. These volunteers are critical in helping us keep costs low to our players by finding Team Sponsors. Without these volunteers our league wouldn't be possilbe.